Mission & Vision

Dear friend,DSCF8086 còpia.jpg

As we state "we are your reliable partner for research and development". This is our Leitmotif, but it is not only a nice sentence, it contains our Mission as a company.

Our will is to be considered as a PARTNER instead of a service provider since this status presupposes to be part of the projects in which we are involved and to share the goals of the companies to whom we work for.

We are a RELIABLE company. To be reliable at our client's eyes is part of the process to be considered a partner. Reliable in terms of timelines, because nowadays the time to market is a key element to success. Reliable in terms of quality, because in our sector quality is not an option but an indistinguishable part of the process to obtain a health product. Reliable in terms of pricing, because we perfectly understand our client's budget limitations and their need to be competitive. Reliable in terms of commitment, because the involvement in our client's projects is the only element to provide an outstanding outcome.

RESEARCH and DEVELOPMENT is what we are. We are a company founded by a group of scientists with a large experience in R&D areas of pharmaceutical industry and R&D runs through our veins and is part of our DNA. It is the raw material that helped us to create this reality that continues growing with new people with the same spirit.

Truly yours.

Joan Puig de Dou