Location-2 reduced.pngKYMOS benefits from two stand-alone buildings in Valles Technology Park (PTV) in Cerdanyola del Vallès, Barcelona.

In the building nº5 of 1,000 m2 are placed the headquarters, offices and general services.

In the building nº7 with 1,500 m2 are placed state of the art laboratories fit-to-purpose designed. We have 4 main laboratories:

  • Bioanalysis
  • Biopharmaceuticals
  • Physicochemical analysis
  • Microbiology

All of them have a main room for the key instrumentation and some attached labs for sample preparation and processing. In addition, all labs have annexed offices for the scientists.



KYMOS facilities are placed in the Technology Park PTV (Parc Tecnològic del Vallès) in Cerdanyola del Vallès, a village located in an amazing place at the foothill of Collserola Park, the green lung of Barcelona. Only about 20 minutes driving from Barcelona city center to the facilities. Placed in a scientific environment with the University Autonomous of Barcelona, the Syncrothon Alba and a lot of biopharmaceutical companies at walking distance.



Kymos Facilities

General Facilities

KYMOS occupies two buildings in the Park. In one building (nº5) of 1,000 m2 are placed the offices. In the other building (nº7) of 1.500 m2 are located the laboratories. In building nº5 there are located archives, meeting rooms, training room, cafeteria and offices for Finance, Marketing & Sales, Quality Assurance, IT, General Services and Management.

Kymos Sample Storage

Sample Storage

KYMOS has important sample storage capabilities: a room at 25ºC for sample storage of standards and reagents and climatic chambers up to 50 m3 for different ICH conditions: 25ºC-65%RH, 30ºC-65%RH, 40ºC-75%RH, including IVb zone, 30ºC-75%RH. Other conditions for semipermeable containers and refrigerated conditions at 5ºC are also available. For biological samples we count with freezers at -20ºC and ultrafreezers at -80ºC. All systems are monitored 24x7 and registered in a SCADA software.

Kymos High Potency Container

High Potency Containment

KYMOS has a high containment laboratory to work with high potency drugs such as hormones, antibiotics, cytotoxics, toxins and others. The access to this laboratory is through an air-lock where the operators put on the special garment and protective equipment. HVAC system uses 100% non recycled air exhausted through HEPA filters. All rooms are underpresured and O.E.L. Category 4 is implemented.

Kymos Cleanroom Microbiology

Cleanroom Microbiology

KYMOS has a Cleanroom in the Microbiology laboratories to perform the aseptic testing and sample preparation. The access to this cleanroom is through an air-lock where the operators put on the required garment. HVAC system uses 100% non recycled air exhausted through HEPA filters. All rooms are overpresured. In this Cleanroom we count with an isolator to perform sterility testing avoiding potential risks of false positive results.

Kymos Radioactivity Laboratory

Radioactivity Laboratory

KYMOS has a Radioactivity laboratory to work with Iodine-125, Carbon-14 and Tritium. The access to this lab is restricted to qualified operators and radioactivity is monitorized to avoid any risk of contamination. The walls are lead lined and the HVAC system uses 100% non recycled air exhausted through HEPA and activated carbon filters. All rooms are under pressured and a room for radioactivity residues is also available

Kymos Data Center

Data Center

KYMOS has a data center room in the same building containing communication and application servers, IP phone, switch, data storage and back-up systems. The data room is fireproof with redundant HVAC system. The access is restricted to authorized personnel. All data are backed-up in an external data center located at 20 Km from KYMOS location.

Kymos Purified Water Plant

Purified Water Plant

Purified water is available in all laboratories since water quality is important to avoid analytical interferences. Water is submitted to decalcification, reverse osmosis, electrodeionization and UV lighting processes and is under constant recirculation. When necessary there is a second purification process through Milli-Q Merk Millipore equipment.

Kymos Technical Gas Plant

Technical Gas Plant

The facilities have a technical gas plant remotely controlled by the supplier, Praxair, and automatically refilled. Carbon dioxide, oxygen, acetylene, hydrogen, nitrogen, protoxide, compressed air, argon and helium are available. Detectors of O2 and explosiveness are placed in the labs to avoid accidents.