Percutaneous Absorption

We offer you our experience in studies on Percutaneous Absorption for topical semisolid drug products using vertical diffusion cells (or Franz cells) according to the EMA Draft Guideline on Quality and equivalence of topical products. Both In Vitro Release Test and In Vitro Permeation Test are available using the Hanson difussion Phoenix instrument.

  • In Vitro Release Test (IVRT): a remarkable characteristic of thhanson_phoenix_difusion_cells.jpge (trans)dermal products is the release rate, which can be assessed by mean the IVRT. It consists in measuring the drug release from semisolid products. Both, characterization of drug release and in vitro release comparison test are performed. Bioequivalence for topical products or dermal application must consider the following:
    • The two products, test and reference, exhibit the same release profile. 
    • The amount of drug uptake by the skin is the same, or the absorption will not be affected by differences in the formulations or in the manufacturing process of the two products.
  • In Vitro Permeation Test (IVPT): assesses the percutaneous absorption in humans of topical products to ascertain the suitability of formulations as transdermal drug delivery systems. IVPT are typically carried out with skin, either human or porcine, by the Franz Diffusion Cells; nevertheless, this test may be used to test semisolid and liquid formulations through skin, mucosae or cornea. 

    Quantification of the amount of drug retained in the skin is also possible, including the drug distribution within each layer by stripping or thermal separation. The study is performed in accordance with 428 and 28 of OECD Guidelines for testing of Chemicals. Skin absorption: in vitro method. 

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