New API 6500 and Franz Cell Instrument for Kymos
18 Mar 21

Upscaling in instruments leads to downscaling in limits of detection

Kymos celebrates the recent purchase of two new API-6500 plus instruments, the most sensitive in the market, to boost our bioanalytical capabilities for small molecules in our Frankfurt und Barcelona sites. Together with our third API-6500 coupled to an Agilent UHPLC, two high-sensitivity APIs 5500 connected to a Waters UPLC Acquity, six API-4000 and one API-3200 (all triple SCIEX quadrupoles) we are now capable to process more than 31,000 bioanalytical samples per month.

Dr. Meike Saul - RNA vaccines
01 Feb 21

The revolution in COVID vaccine development

The new COVID-19 vaccine developed by Pfizer/BioNTech was approved by the EMA last December and now Moderna’s is following suit. Both are based on mRNA technology and represent a very different type of vaccine compared to traditional ones. While the general public is just beginning to discover mRNA technology, Dr. Meike Saul is an expert in RNA research and has worked with Prolytic GmbH for many years. She was invited to give us a better insight into the exciting world of RNA.

16 Nov 20

Batch Testing and Release: Life after Brexit

We at KYMOS and ASPHALION are long-time partners in providing analytical and regulatory services to international pharma and biotech sectors. Our testimony goes beyond the conventional “CRO trading with UK clients” to overcome internalization barriers. Our respective services are part of a complex international supply chain that makes the effects of Brexit more visible and quantifiable. Quality Control (QC) is one of the most interdisciplinary departments at KYMOS with high demand from international clients, particularly for EU Batch Testing and Release for drug products and IMPs.

16 Sep 20

Biopharmaceutical Global Partners

Meet Pablo Cobo: KYMOS’ key opinion leader in biologics drug development

Our head of Biopharmaceutical Testing Pablo Cobo, Chemistry graduate and biologics pioneer, remembers his early days at Ipsen when peptide product development was quite different: 

01 Jul 20

Dr Carles Celma, Scientific Director at KYMOS presents successful Biologics Seminar

Dr Carles Celma, Scientific Director at KYMOS was invited by ALMIRALL to present a one-off Biologics seminar on July 1st. The initiative, held remotely via Teams due to the COVID-19 pandemic, was promoted by  Technical R&D, Almirall R&D, and aimed to explore analytical capabilities for the characterization and quality control of biopharmaceutical products, a subject of growing importance within the healthcare community. 

10 Jun 20


The COVID-19 pandemic has paralyzed many aspects of our lives. However, the R&D of new pharmaceutical products for animal health cannot stop as many human diseases posing a threat have an animal origin. KYMOS and its partners have a unique insight into how the industry is adapting to speed up animal studies during these uncertain times.