16 Sep 20

Biopharmaceutical Global Partners

Meet Pablo Cobo: KYMOS’ key opinion leader in biologics drug development

Our head of Biopharmaceutical Testing Pablo Cobo, Chemistry graduate and biologics pioneer, remembers his early days at Ipsen when peptide product development was quite different: 

01 Jul 20

Dr Carles Celma, Scientific Director at KYMOS presents successful Biologics Seminar

Dr Carles Celma, Scientific Director at KYMOS was invited by ALMIRALL to present a one-off Biologics seminar on July 1st. The initiative, held remotely via Teams due to the COVID-19 pandemic, was promoted by  Technical R&D, Almirall R&D, and aimed to explore analytical capabilities for the characterization and quality control of biopharmaceutical products, a subject of growing importance within the healthcare community. 

10 Jun 20


The COVID-19 pandemic has paralyzed many aspects of our lives. However, the R&D of new pharmaceutical products for animal health cannot stop as many human diseases posing a threat have an animal origin. KYMOS and its partners have a unique insight into how the industry is adapting to speed up animal studies during these uncertain times.

18 May 20

Immunology: Working together to prepare for the next pandemic

Now more than ever, immunology is a hot topic as we face the numerous challenges of the COVID19 pandemic. The world is patiently awaiting new therapies and vaccines to combat this disease in hopes of returning some sense of normalcy to our lives. 

KYMOS’ immunology expert, Dr. Carles Morte, shares his outlook on the future of promising new gene- and cell-based therapies and monoclonal antibodies developed against viral and other diseases. We talk to him about the technical evaluation required as the therapeutic target turns to the ever-so-complex immune system. 

30 Mar 20

Elemental impurities analysis: anticipating our clients’ needs before they need to ask

The European Pharmacopoeia implemented the ICH Q3D guideline in June 2017, ruling the need to assess for the presence of potential elemental impurities in all drug products. Now guidelines will expand to also cover products for veterinary use. 

We talk to our expert in elemental impurities, Gemma Solsona, as she updates us on the latest developments in the industry. Gemma has almost a decade of experience working in the pharmaceutical industry and leads a department that is historically tied to regulatory changes.

26 Feb 20

Bioanalysis: Harmonization, Experience and Good Practices

The importance of ICH M10 harmonization
Our head of Bioanalysis, Digna Tost has 30 years’ experience working in bioanalysis solutions. Here, she comments on the current ICH harmonization of bioanalytical global guidelines and the added value of having a solid team and upholding good practices.