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Research, Development & Innovation (R+D+I) is essential in all industries, but in the Biopharmaceutical industry it is still more important. The evolution of science is so fast and the new discoveries are so disruptive that all players of the value chain involved in research should rise to the challenge. This means that also CROs have to move in the same direction with constant innovations in analytical methods, new technologies and more sensitive instruments. We are committed with a constant update to the last technologies applicable to analytical development, characterization and quality control of pharmaceutical products. For this reason the company has its own development plans for a constant improvement of the research services provided. Some of this projects have excelled obtaining public grants and financial aids.

Financial aids & grants



DESENVOLUPAMENT D'UNA NOVA PLATAFORMA ANALÍTICA DE GLICOSAMINOGLICANS TERAPÈUTICS. Resolució EMO/1430/2015, de 25 de juny (DOGC núm. 6902 de 30/06/2015) de convocatòria de la línia d'ajuts a NUCLIS DE RECERCA INDUSTRIAL I DESENVOLUPAMENT EXPERIMENTAL (núm. d'expedient RD15-1-0080). Aquest projecte ha estat cofinançat per la Unió Europea a través del Fons Europeu de Desenvolupament Regional (FEDER). Amb la col·laboració d'ACCIÓ.


DEVELOPMENT OF A NEW ANALYTICAL PLATFORM FOR THERAPEUTIC GLYCOSAMINOGLYCANS. Decision EMO/1430/2015, dated June 25, 2015 (DOGC núm. 6902 de 30/06/2015) regarding the call for NUCLIS DE RECERCA INDUSTRIAL I DESENVOLUPAMENT EXPERIMENTAL (file number RD15-1-0080). This project has been cofinanced by the European Union through European Regional Development Fund (FEDER). With the collaboration of ACCIO.

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IMPLEMENTACIÓN DE NUEVAS METODOLOGÍAS ANALÍTICAS PARA BIOSIMILARES. Resolución del CENTRO PARA EL DESARROLLO TECNOLÓGICO E INDUSTRIAL (CDTI) de ayuda financiera al desarrollo del Proyecto IDI-20140009 de fecha 3 de febrero de 2014.


IMPLEMENTATION OF NEW ANALYTICAL METHODS FOR BIOSIMILARS. Decision of the CENTRO PARA EL DESARROLLO TECNOLÓGICO E INDUSTRIAL (CDTI) for a financial aid to the development of the Project IDI-20140009 dated February 3, 2014.