Clients Laboratories Representatives

KYMOS has a strong and direct presence in Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Switzerland and Germany. In these countries, several Business Development Managers are placed there in order to follow up the market trends. They are in constant contact with our clients to provide them the best possible support and a counterpart in their mother tongue. However our activity is not limited to those mentioned markets. We participate in different international events and partnering meetings to extend our client portfolio. Thanks to this constant activity we have also clients from countries such Greece, United Kingdom, Malta, Sweeden, India, Japan and United States.

Spain & Portugal

         Ms. Lara Ferrer     
         +34 935 481 848 (Ext. 400)

Italy & Ticino (CH)

          Mr. Enrico Grassi

          +39 334 796 74 34

France, Belgium & Geneva (CH)

          Mrs. Bérénice Muller

          +33 6 51 47 47 54

Other Countries

         Mr. Martí Monràs
        +34 935 481 848 (Ext. 401)