KYMOS was founded in 2001 by a group of  professionals with more than 10 years of experience in research and development areas of pharmaceutical industry. The staff members were clients before being service providers achieving a deep knowledge of the pharma company requirements and priorities. This experience allowed KYMOS a fast start-up of the company despite being in this high competitive market. The company was initially settled up in Barcelona Science Park, expanding up from one to four different labs in few years.


The first projects were preclinical studies of innovative drugs, mainly ADME services. Progressively bioanalysis and medicinal chemistry became the two main domain of KYMOS' services.


Some important milestones were the achievement of GLP certification in 2002 and GMP certification in 2009. 


International activities begun in Portugal (2009), Italy and Switzerland (2011), France and Belgium (2012), Germany and Austria (2014). A big step forward was the deal with the French multinational group IPSEN that took place in 2012; a long term service agreement was settled up, including people transition and equipment moving, allowing the company to create KYMOS BIOTECH division.


In 2015 the company decided to invest in new facilities to be able to face the new requeriments and the high increase in demand. This new site is placed in the Technology Park PTV of Cerdanyola del Vallès, village located in the suburban area of Barcelona.

In 2016 KYMOS has acquired the Italian company PHARMAPROGRESS, a CRO providing analytical development and quality control under GMP and bioanalytical services. PHARMAPROGRESS has become the first KYMOS affiliate.