QTOF instrument

QTOF instrument
Kymos acquires a QTOF instrument
QTof Waters Xevo G2-S
Kymos´ experience in protein characterization
Kymos acquires a new QTof Waters Xevo G2-S coupled to an UPLC H-Class Bio for protein analysis
Kymos has recently acquired a new Waters Xevo G2-S QTof Mass Spectrometer in order to enhance its capabilities in protein characterization. This instrument has an extremely high sensitivity, a mass range up to 100 000 D and a resolving power of >32 500 (FWHM). In addition, Kymos has also acquired the BiopharmaLynx and MaxEnt software to improve the data processing for molecular weight determination and sequencing of proteins. This QTof is coupled to an Acquity UPLC H-Class Bio, especially designed to work with biological products. The main added value of this new equipment is to provide high capacity of sequencing proteins, to study postraductional modifications and to compare batch to batch changes in the amino acid sequence of therapeutic proteins.
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We perfom development and validation of vaccines potency assay and sample analysis for quality control of batches
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We have implemented and validated a method for heparins (factor IIa and Xa) as well as for other therapeutic polysaccharides
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Batch testing and batch release
We offer services of batch testing and batch release of biologics for either clinical studies or marketed products
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